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  Community Acupuncture

“We are extremely pleased to announce the opening of an acupuncture clinic for the greater community of Montclair. The Eastern School Alumni Association is coordinating a program that gives a great place to receive acupuncture care in a group setting, a place to share and be a part of each other’s lives…” CEO Aida Morales -Almanzar.

The Community Acupuncture Program starting at the Eastern School of Acupuncture, will be held once a month on Friday afternoons. Costs for the treatment are by donation with a recommended fee of $20.00. Licensed practitioners and graduates from Eastern School are providing their expertise and time to treat patients in a group setting.

The setting will be an open room with three or four people receiving treatment at the same time. The community setting is a common practice in China and is gaining popularity here in the United States. It makes it easier for friends and family members to come for treatments together, allows for more people to be treated, and many people find the group setting provides a collective energy or group energy which results in a more powerful treatment experience.

Your treatment experience will include acupuncture points commonly found on one side of your body and will include areas such as your head, including the scalp and ears, your abdomen, and your arms and legs below the elbows and knees. Due to the nature of a group setting there is less talking and a greater focus of the practitioner on your health history, your pulse, and tongue. After your initial consult you will come into a group setting and it is recommended that you do not say anything to your acupuncturist which you do not want others to hear. Your treatment will start and you can remain in the session between several minutes to up to an hour. You decide when the treatment is complete. This allows for a deep relaxation response and the ability for your body’s healing abilities to work.

The costs for the treatments are by donation with a recommended fee of $20.00. The purpose of this program is to provide affordable treatments to a larger group of people then is currently available. Licensed practitioners and graduates from the Eastern School are providing their experience and service free of charge with a desire to share acupuncture with the community. The clinic times and upcoming dates are as follows:

September 9th 2011
October 14th 2011
November 18th, 2011
December 2nd, 2011

Treatment times start from 2pm and go to 5pm. To schedule an appointment call: 973-746-2848.

Alumni Contacts:
Al Krych, President of Eastern School Alumni (908)303-2941
Leslie DiCola, Vice President of Eastern Alumni (908)591-2411

School Contacts:
Aida Morales-Almanzar, CEO(973)746-8717


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